Custom National Glenwood 90 Build

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Here's an interesting project that came through my shop!
A client had purchased a Vintage National Glennwood 90 that was haphazardly housed in a home made head box.
My client wanted a new combo cab that was somewhat like the original but a little custom too.
He also asked me to take pics so him & his father could watch the build in action. 

Fresh off the Table Saw

Sweet pine

Halfblind Dovetails Cut

Dovetail Closeup

Dovetail Closeup

Test Dry Fit

Upside Down Mock Up

Measuring Front Slant Cut

Dry Fit Dovetail Close Up

Measure & Draw out Slant Cut

Angles Cut

Inside Sanded, ready for gluing 

All Clamped Up

Roundover Time

Chewing off the corners

Looking Sleek

Dovetails with roundover

Ready for chassis!

Marked & Punched

Chassis Bolts In

Chassis Mock Up

Hmm Never seen a dog on a National before??

Coming together!

Baffle Testing

Baffle Test Fit

Test Fit Speakers

Mark out Baffle

Test Fit with Markings

Secret Mounting Hole Jig

Punch Mount Holes

Handy Dandy Circle Cutting Jig

This is How we make...

A Baltic Birch Frisbee!!

Two Frisbees!

Test Fit

Almost Looks Like A Real Amp!

Drill Mounting Holes

Test Fit Speakers

Back In Black

Golden Cloth

Half Way There

Eyeing It Up

Staple Staple Staple

Straight As You Can

Straightin Up & Fly Right

Fold It Over

All Done Da Grill

Test Fit

Sweet Golden Grill!

Cut the Grooves

Mock it up, work out Baffle Angle

Add Baffle & Back Panel Cleats

Paint Inside Black

Speed up drying with my "Big Buddy"

Measure, Mark & Cut

Royal Blue Ready!

All Covered!

Smooth Blue!

Cut Out The Piping Grooves

Click for Finished Cabinet Pics!!

,Hand Made, Custom Cabinets for your DIY Project!