Screamin cabinets are built to the highest standards and made to last! I specialise in retro reproduction, combo, head & extension cabs. Custom cabinets can be built to your requirements.

I use half blind dovetail joinery which takes a little longer than conventional mass produced methods (finger or lap joints) but are far more secure!

On 50's Tweed narrow panel cabs, the front fascia boards go all the way across the width of the amp, just like the originals, and are seated into the cab using dado joints. Edges are rounded to the same diameter as the originals giving the correct look. The cabinets are also properly angled as the originals are. I use only the correct cloth Tweed covering not the vinyl with printed tweed design. These cabinets are constructed using 3/4" hand selected pine. Baffle board, fascia and back panels are Baltic Birch ply.

60's & 70's Brownies/Blondies/Blackface/silverface type cabinets all use the correct covering/grill cloth & hardware to match their original counterparts. These cabinets are also constructed using 3/4" hand selected pine. Baffle board and back panels are Baltic Birch ply.

60's/70's/80's  British type cabinets use genuine covering/grill cloth & hardware. Edges are rounded over with the correct radius giving the proper look. These cabinets are are constructed using various thicknesses of Baltic Birch Plywood throughout.

Recovering service is also available as well as baffles/grills & back panels.
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,Hand Made, Custom Cabinets for your DIY Project!